Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

Are you looking for assistance in assigning someone to act on your behalf?

Or maybe you have been assigned the responsibility of performing all financial, property, non-medical and other types of transactions on someone’s behalf.

When you need the assistance of a lawyer in Perth who understands the regulations to do with powers of attorney, contact Mountains Lawyers Legal Solutions. We will not only explain the benefits or issues associated with power of attorney but also help you handle the complications that could arise when assigning power of attorney.

The best time to seek a lawyer for a power of attorney

Although you can appoint someone at any point in your life, we recommend you definitely consider doing this during your estate planning.

Granting the power of attorney to an individual can get complex. So it is important that you work with Mountains Lawyers Legal Solutions to ensure the legal process is handled properly.

Don’t set yourself or your loved ones up for complications!

Having a power of attorney is a huge responsibility for anyone.

Call Mountains Lawyers Legal Solutions on 9592 7326 right away if you or someone you know are searching for an experienced lawyer to assist.