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Commercially focused and practical legal solutions for timely advice and action to any unforeseen matters as they arise.



Litigation is the process of dealing with a dispute in a court or tribunal. Other ways of dealing with disputes include negotiation to reach a commercial settlement, “alternative dispute resolution (ADR)” (including mediation, conciliation and arbitration) and “external dispute resolution” (such as ombudsman services).

With over 21 years of commercial dispute and litigation experience successfully representing our clients in the Federal Court and all State Courts, Tribunals and Commissions, our commercial dispute lawyers have extensive experience with strategies to achieve your objectives or resolve your dispute at the early stages, so that you can focus on what’s most important in your life and for your business.

When necessary, this experience ensures our commercial litigation lawyers can assist clients involved in litigation and other forms of dispute resolution in all jurisdictions.   We keep our clients informed of estimated costs and strategies for settlement through each step of the dispute processes so they can make informed decisions about their prospects of success and assess by costs benefit analysis the best strategy for a timely settlement or proceeding to determination by the Court or Tribunal.

Whether you require initial advice on your commercial or civil dispute or are involved in litigation our commercial dispute and litigation lawyers can help you with practical legal solutions tailored to your circumstances.