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Documented or not, most daily business activities involve some form of contractual agreement. We assist clients in understanding, and mitigating, the risks they face in a fast pace and increasingly complex trading environment.


Our experienced commercial contract lawyers incorporate their knowledge of the highly regulated area of commercial contracting (including Unfair Contract Terms, consumer protection regimes and anti-corruption and bribery laws), Australian Consumer Law, alongside your individual business goals and needs to assist you to reach your commercial objectives while minimising risk.

We highly recommend people obtain advice before entering into business contracts and agreements, especially in the case of leases, loans, franchise agreements and any agreement that purports to take security over any business or personal assets. Our commercial and contract lawyers have a wealth of experience reviewing, advising on, and negotiating terms on all manner of business agreements.



    Regardless of your businesses size, structure, or industry whether you require straight forward contracts for common purpose or highly specific carefully negotiated bespoke documents our commercial lawyers have the skill and experience to produce the documents you need, such as:

    • Heads of agreements
    • Shareholder / unit holder / Partnership Agreements
    • Terms and conditions / terms of trade / Client Services Agreement
    • Management agreements
    • Website Terms of Use & Privacy Policy
    • Put and Call Agreements
    • Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
    • Non Compete / Restraint of Trade
    • Distribution (exclusive or non-exclusive) Agreement
    • Contractor or subcontractor Agreements
    • Intellectual property agreements

    Retain our commercial lawyers for your commercial documents needs to allow you to focus on your business.