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Retention of our employment lawyers as your advisor is an effective way to resolve your workplace or employment issues as soon as they arise.


We understand how difficult and unpleasant it can be to address confrontation and disputes in the workplace. In many cases, the disputes can only be resolved with legal advice and we know how important it is for you to have a lawyer who is fully prepared and ready to protect you.

Our employment law lawyers provide strategic advice and solutions for all your employment law matters and disputes.

Engaging a lawyer does not necessarily mean going to Tribunals and Courts. Our employment law lawyers have a proven track record in providing a wide range of legal services ranging from drafting and reviewing employment contracts and agreements, advice on employers’ obligations in relation to the appropriate legislative framework, redundancy, workplace policies and procedures and dispute resolution.


Should your employment dispute require representation in the Tribunals or Courts, our employment law solicitor’s knowledge and experience in navigating employment disputes ranging from unfair dismissal claims, general protections dismissal applications, unlawful terminations in both the state and federal jurisdictions.