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Even a standard HIA building contract should be checked by building contract lawyers BEFORE SIGNING to ensure the terms and conditions adequately cover YOUR requirements.


Mountains Lawyers building contract and construction lawyers has extensive experience in assisting from the builds planning phase through negotiations of the terms and conditions to achieve your objectives, while ensuring you are provided with the greatest protection, through to the completion phase by reviewing contracts to ensure adequate compliance or determine breaches.

Our building contract lawyers can also advise on the legal strategies or remedies available to you, including arranging an expert building report if required, should a dispute arise such as: dissatisfaction with; or breach, of building construction contract terms which may include specific performance, rectification of building works and damages for losses.

Should your building and construction dispute be before the tribunals or courts and you require representation, our construction lawyers are skilled in representation in mediation, the Building Commission of WA, the State Administrative Tribunal, as well as claims for loss and damage in property and building matters in the local Magistrates, District or Supreme Courts of Western Australia.