Debt Management & Insolvency

Debt Management & Insolvency

Are you dealing with customers who are facing insolvency?

Or maybe you’re in need of advice on efficient debt collection strategies and negotiations with creditors?

Or perhaps you seek a lawyer who can represent you in your discussions with financial institutions?

Seeking legal advice early maximises your chances of resolving financial matters and protecting you, your family and your business. And regardless of your financial matter, when you engage Mountains Lawyers you’ll be looked after by experts in their fields, including in debt recovery, terms and conditions, and insolvency.

We’ll focus on your matters and seek the best outcome while keeping the expenses affordable.

We work with:

Businesses preparing their terms and conditions – You’re writing or reviewing your current terms and conditions and would like confirmation that they are clear, spelt right and tailored for your specific needs.

Businesses whose customers refuse to pay up – You’ve issued multiple invoices, have called them and even sent them letters but your customers seem to be ignoring your repeat requests for payments.

Businesses facing customers who have become insolvent – You’re owed money but the customer is no longer in business. You’ve been told there’s no hope for cases like yours.

Insolvency practitioners who are advising their own clients – You need legal advice centred on receivership, liquidation, voluntary administration, debt management and winding up a business.

Businesses facing insolvency – You’re experiencing financial difficulties and wish to maximise your chances of preserving your personal funds and assets.

Businesses looking to preserve their assets – You’ve seen it happen to other businesses whose customers have gone out of business. You’d like to protect your assets so you’re covered when the businesses you’re trading with go out of business.

Areas of expertise

Our debt management and insolvency team are experts in:

Terms and conditions of trade
Security registrations
Debt recovery

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