Bank Loans & Building Contracts

Bank Loans & Building Contracts

Building and construction projects come with important but complex contracts and building law litigation that builders and property owners must understand before signing their contracts. If you are involved in a building project or are caught in a dispute, you need sound, practical legal advice you can rely on.

The team at MLLS provides various services for builders and property owners for issues concerning building and construction law.

We provide advice and information during the contract drafting process to help you reduce the possibility of a dispute. We will also clarify any potential issues.

We work with:

Builders – if you are a builder, we will prepare your contract that will protect your rights and ensure all parties follow the payment schedule so that you avoid any funding issues ahead of project commencement date. If someone owes you a payment or is suing you, we can help you too.

Property owners – When you are engaging a builder, we recommend that you seek legal advice before you enter into any contract with them. You would need a lawyer to advise you on the contract, your rights and obligations. If you then believe that the builder has not completed the work properly, your lawyer will negotiate or litigate on your behalf.

Areas of expertise

Our areas of expertise cover the following legal matters:

Bank guarantees
Reverse mortgages
Self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) borrowing
Senior equity loans
Verification of identity
Building contract review

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