Probate Grant Applications

Probate Grant Applications

If you were named executor for someone’s estate, you may be required to submit an application for a grant of probate. Probate is the court process that legally confirms the executor’s authority with a grant of probate. You can apply for it yourself or request a lawyer’s assistance.

Generally, the Supreme Court recommends that a nominated executor seeks legal assistance from a lawyer when making an application for grant of probate.

At MLLS we help you understand the role of probate, whether you should seek it and why some nominated executors avoid it. We also help to determine which services are best for your situation so you can safely navigate the complex and challenging probate grant application process.

You will receive our assistance to present the will to the Supreme Court for review so the court can determine the will’s validity for the will to become a legal document. It’s only after the will is probated that you as the executor has authority to administer the estate.

When to seek legal advice

The Supreme Court recommends that you seek legal assistance when you’re applying for grant of probate.

As the following examples of reasons for seeking probate show, the process can be very overwhelming and tricky:

  • the deceased person did not leave a will
  • the only copy of the will you could find is a photocopy
  • there was no executor appointed, so you want to self-nominate
  • you want proof of executor’s authority to show to third parties (such as financial institutions)
  • you attempted but could not complete the probate application, due to its complexity
  • you are applying for more than the grant of probate (for example, the nominated executor is unable or unwilling to participate)
  • the application is more complex due to other matters

Your MLLS lawyer will also assist in ensuring that the valid will is then properly executed and accurately reflects the wishes of the testator. You will be guided every step of the way so you can successfully carry out your duties as the executor.

You can be rest assured that Mountains Lawyers Legal Solutions will also be there to explain any legal notices or any claims any other party files against the estate, and they will also assist with the transfer of properties and other assets to beneficiaries.

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