Letters of Administration

Letters of Administration

If your relative has died leaving assets but without a will, or with an invalid will – perhaps the executor renounced Probate, or an executor wasn’t nominated in the will – then we say the decedent has died ‘intestate’.

The Supreme Court must now appoint an Administrator to handle the assets of the estate, file and pay taxes, address creditors’ claims and distribute funds and assets according to the law governing how estates are distributed.

Only a person who has obtained a Grant of Letters of Administration in Perth can carry out these tasks.

If you are granted Letters of Administration, it will appoint you as the Administrator of the estate. On production of the Letters of Administration to an asset holder (such as the bank) they release and transfer any assets into your name as the administrator of the estate. This makes it easier for you to fulfil your duties.

When to make an application

In some situations you may not need to apply for Letters of Administration.

You also would need to discuss with a lawyer if you have been requested by their banks and the insurance and superannuation companies. Your administration lawyer at Mountains Lawyers Legal Solutions will draft and submit your application for Letters of Administration on your behalf and include any required papers that protect you from any claims of creditors.

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