Wills & Probate

Wills & Probate

Mountains Lawyers Legal Solutions Estate Planning Team has assisted many individuals through estate planning and will execution. We work closely with you and your financial advisors to look closely at every detail and without overlooking anything.

Have you been nominated as executor of a will?

You’ve been named as estate trustee or executor of someone’s estate. Perhaps you’re also one of their beneficiaries. You have also been told you need to see an experienced Perth estate lawyer. You’re not sure what to do and someone also mentioned probate.

Probate? What does that mean? Why do you have to probate a will? It’s a complex situation and the court recommends you speak with an experienced lawyer who knows estate planning inside and out.

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Are you looking to plan your will?

You have worked hard and done well over the years and now want to ensure your loved ones can continue the work or enjoy the rewards of your efforts. It’s impossible to guess what lies around the corner.

At MLLS, we draft wills that incorporate tax-saving goals to allow you to use your properties during your life and divide your assets after your death without having to worry about taxes or high probate costs and to best preserve your assets for the intended beneficiaries.

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Areas of expertise

Our Estates team can also assist you with:

Power of Attorney
Deceased Estate Claims
Estate Administration
Letters of Administration

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