Terms & Conditions of Trade

Terms & Conditions of Trade

Are you a consultant or supplier of goods or services? When you’re dealing with customers and clients — be they an individual or a business entity — it is important that your terms and conditions of trades are clear and can be easily understood.

Your terms and conditions should make them fully aware of your responsibility to them and their responsibility to you, so you can ensure a happy relationship between you and a healthy cash flow for your business. It’s important, then, that these terms and conditions of trade are tailored for your business.

Ask for legal advice

The best option is to engage an experienced commercial lawyer to draft your terms and conditions as they are the basis on which your business is trading and should be written with care to protect you and what’s yours. You don’t want to end up having to follow the terms set by the other party as theirs only protect the interests of their business, not yours.

When you work with Mountains Lawyers Legal Solutions, we will cover all the fine details including:

  • Clear explanation of what services or products are provided
  • The terms of payments and when they are due
  • Guarantees and warranties offered
  • Types of notices to submit to get out of the agreement
  • Refund and replacement policies
  • What happens if things go wrong
  • What happens if one party wants to end the relationship
  • What happens when one party is sold to a new business

Start protecting your business today!

Don’t put yourself or your business at risk of misunderstandings. If there is nothing in writing, then usually you have no proof. If you have your terms and conditions, then you have evidence to present before a court. But if your ‘evidence’ is not clear or has flaws, then you will be out of pocket when something goes wrong.

Our team can advise and draft your terms and conditions. We also draft Letters of Engagement and Contracts for you to deliver goods and services.

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