Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Are you are currently owed a substantial amount of money?

Or perhaps a debtor owes you significant assets?

At Mountains Lawyers Legal Solutions, we like to put money in our clients’ pockets!

It’s true. Our firm has a strong history of successfully collecting debts on our clients’ behalf. Our success is made possible thanks to our experience in complex disputes and debt recovery litigation and our ability to enforce our clients’ rights as a creditor as we pursue debts owed to them.

Regardless of the size or type of business, when it comes to fighting the battle, there is no exception. MLLS debt recovery team is dedicated to assisting you with a range of matters including unpaid accounts, mortgages, bank loans, vehicle loans, leases and rental arrears. And we will facilitate the enforcement of your rights as a creditor until the matter is resolved.

Our debt recovery services include:

  • setting up your debt management systems, looking at your terms, conditions, and Letters of Demand
  • locating and making contact with the debtors and managing the negotiations
  • taking legal action when necessary

Request our help today!

Call Mountains Lawyers Legal Solutions on 9592 7326 to discuss your debt-collection goals. Our expertise and resources will enable you to recover what is rightfully yours.