Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

A business dispute between businesses can be extremely disruptive in many ways. It will affect your concentration and divert your efforts from operations to dispute resolutions. So would another party’s breach or failure of a contract or agreement.

You need to find a business dispute lawyer who can help you right away so you can get on with business. But while there are a number of dispute lawyers in Perth, a lawsuit may not be worthwhile if the firm you choose to engage charges high fees.

At Mountains Lawyers Legal Solutions, our fees are not prohibitive. This is possible because we have decades of experience and the skills to handle business disputes in creative ways that will be cost effective for your business.

We represent clients from businesses of all sizes including closely held small businesses to large companies. We offer a broad range of dispute resolution services to resolve all business disputes through negotiation and mediation. We also assist with litigation in courts and tribunals.

Negotiation is always our first strategy

We excel at negotiating out-of-court settlement. They are the less time-consuming and lowest-cost solution. Often, they work out better than litigation in court.

When you engage MLLS as your Perth lawyers, we will represent you in mediation and arbitration, and when you need us to we can also serve as the neutral arbitrator for your business dispute.

The following are examples of issues we handle:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Partnership issues
  • Commercial contract law
  • Breach of legal duties (fiduciary duty)
  • Vendor and supplier disputes
  • Real estate and leasing disputes
  • Torts, including fraud and misrepresentation

Our lawyers have a strong reputation in the areas of commercial contracts, construction and litigation. In addition, we represent clients in other commercial contexts.

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