Verification of Identity

Verification of Identity

If you or anyone you know has been asked to present before a lawyer to conduct a Verification of Identity before transferring land titles or registering an interest to do so, it means doing a 100-point identification check face to face.

This is part of the conveyancing process and helps ensure that the people listed on a lands title document are who they say they are. It helps prevent land-related fraud.

This also applies to anyone you’re purchasing from. They would need to first do a 100-point identification check.

When is a Verification of Identity required?

You need a Verification of Identity when preparing to sign any of the following:

  • Transfer of Land
  • Mortgage
  • Power of Attorney
  • Requests for duplicate or replacement of Certificates of Title
  • Transmission
  • Survivorship

As the documents required vary in combination, the more each person brings, the easier the identification. And depending on the document you’re signing, you may need more evidence than your passport, driver’s licence, Medicare card and a change of name certificate.

Due to the complexity of Lands Title transfers and the influx of fraud in real estate, it’s highly recommended that you seek a lawyer who knows the policy and who has a system in place that accurately keeps a record of the Verification of Identity.

When you come to MLLS, you can be confident that we have the adequate systems to register your Verification of Identity.

When you contact us, we will let you know which identification documents you need to bring for the conveyancing document you want to sign.

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