Seniors Equity Loan

Seniors Equity Loans

Are you over 60, own your own home and have a Seniors Equity Loan?

Maybe you’re considering applying for one?

While they’re beneficial, equity release products are a complex business that comes with significant risks. If you don’t understand how they work or breach their terms and conditions, you may be forced to sell your home and repay the bank.

At Mountains Lawyers, we understand how Seniors Equity Loans function and the expectations that come with them. We also discuss with you whether it’s right for you plus the alternatives to help you achieve the same goals.

Before you sign one, please give us a call so we can look at your loan papers and explain them to you so you can minimise potential legal issues in the future.

If you already have a loan and need a lawyer to support you in a legal matter, get in touch and we’ll get started right away.

Call Mountains Lawyers Legal Solutions on 9592 7326 today and one of our experienced lawyers will explain how we can assist you.