Building Contract Review

Building Contract Review

Are you buying a property or building?

Congratulations! And it’s great to see that you’re looking for a lawyer who is experienced in building contract reviews and disputes.

Our MLLS lawyers have been reviewing terms and conditions of building contracts for many years, so we know how important it is that you understand your contracts and that you’re 100% satisfied with the construction work performed.

With us, you won’t only look at what’s in the contract and whether it’s fine to sign, but you’ll also know for sure what should be in it that isn’t, what’s in it that shouldn’t be included and what issues you should raise before you sign it.

Mountains Lawyers Legal Solutions have experience assisting clients with building contract disputes and some cases have included situations where the seller or builder hasn’t fulfilled all their requirements, or when the building wasn’t in the same ‘perfect condition’ as promised.

We have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars

Just by implementing the right strategies which often involves engaging a building specialist to help us review complex contracts!

MLLS can help you ensure that:

  • all the essential terms and conditions are included
  • the scope of the work meets your expectations
  • the timeline meets deadlines as agreed between all the parties
  • the quality of the works are up to standards
  • the clauses for non-completion are included
  • the terms and conditions for payments, guarantees and warranties are covered
  • nothing in the contract puts you, your other assets or your business at risk

MLLS will also be there with you from the early stages of any dispute that may arise and will represent you all the way including in litigating disputes.

Call Mountains Lawyers Legal Solutions on 9592 7326 if you’re about to sign a building contract or are experiencing difficulties with your building. Our expertise and resources will enable you protect your property.